Nanoform’s platform technology can give failed drug molecules a second chance. The patent pending technology is based on supercritical CO2. The drug solution is expanded through a controlled process to produce pure drug nanoparticles. The process is more controlled than conventional supercritical technologies and it produces smaller and more uniformly sized particles. Besides the particle size also the polymorphism can be controlled. Our technology has been well tried with several active pharmaceutical ingredients. We can produce particles ranging from 10 nm to 2 µm.

Comparison to traditional RESS

piroxicam2.1_007Piroxicam nanoparicles produced with Nanoform’s technology

RESS_026Piroxicam microparicles produced with RESS-technology (note the scale)



interbatchdistributionThe process is robust and small variations in process parameters do not affect the end-product. End-product is pure drug nanocrystals.