Nanoform was founded by a group of highly experienced professionals with a strong track record in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, as well as in the management of successful collaborative projects between academy and industry. The other members of the team are experts in i.a. engineering, physics, drug development and clinical trials.

Albert Hæggström
Anna Halenius

Antti Meriläinen

Arto Annila

Britta Madison
Edward Hæggström

Grit Kabiersch
Ilkka Lassila

Jenni Pessi

Joona Eskelinen

Jouko Yliruusi
Jutta Schmidt

Kai Falck
Kalle Hanhijärvi

Kari Seppälä

Kari Steffen

Rabbe Klemets
Maria Lume

Peter Hänninen
Siiri Viljanen

Tom Blomqvist