Expert Services

The proprietary CESS technology offers new technological and business advantages for the pharmaceutical industry. With our technology your company can increase the bioavailability of drug molecules and develop new, more efficient drugs. This is a new way to improve existing products and extend their patent protection time. We provide our customers cost-effective nanoparticle production using our stable and robust process.

Our Process

Nanoform's proprietary Star Map database

Star Map database facilitates the optimization of the nanonazion process for specific molecules.


  • Increasing the bioavailability of drug molecules, to develop new, more efficient drugs with fewer undesired side-effects.
  • A route to BBB penetration and BIO activity.
  • Improving existing products and extending their patent protection time.
  • Nanonizing and reformulating drug particles will improve their stability, solubility and bioavailability. This allows the molecules to be used as potential drug candidates despite them being currently rejected due to the poor solubility in their present form.
  • Providing cost-effective, scalable nanoparticle production using a stable and robust process.
  • Green particle technology - free from excipients and organic solvents.